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SHELL HELIX ULTRA 5W-40 5L   Shell Helix Ultra is a premium 5w40 fully synthetic motor oil which helps clean and protect to promote maximum performance. Porsche, Ferrari and Renault Approvals. 5W-40 Fully synthetic motor oil. Helps clean and protect to promote maximum performance. It is five times as effective at removing sludge than mineral oil   Applications- High performance modern petrol engines - Fuel-injected models fitted with catalytic convertersFeatures- Shell's ultimate active cleaning technology - Provides Shell's best engine protection by continuously helping to remove deposits from dirty engines - Long-term oxidation stability - Up to 37% more protection than other synthetic leading brands tested - Low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction - Greater fuel efficiency and easier cold starting - High shear stability - To maintain viscosity and stay in grade throughout the oil drain period - Specially selected synthetic base oils - Helps reduce oil volatility and therefore oil consumption. The need for oil top-up is therefore reduced - Helps minimise vibration and engine noise - Can help towards a smoother, quieter driveSpecificationsViscosity 5W-40 API SM/CF ACEA A3/B3/B4 BMW LL-01 MB 229.5 VW 502 00 / 503 01 / 505 00 Renault RN0700, RN0711 Porsche Approved Ferrari Approved