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Lumach E.P. Gear Oils ISO 100 10L

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LUMACH EP GEAR OILS     APPLICATIONS The lubron range of EP Gear oils are high quality sulphur phosphorous extreme pressure gear oils, having excellent thermal stability and high load carrying capabilities. They have been formulated using the finest quality solvent refined base oils of high viscosity index and additive systems.   Using a range of high quality mixed base oils, containing extreme pressure additives to make them suitable for all types of gearboxes (except hypoids) Including gearboxes working in severe conditions. The additive treatment is such that lumach e.p oils meet the following performance levels.- CLASSIFICATIONS US STEEL 224 ATSPFT161 D. BROWN ET33/80 DIN 51517 (dp) AGMA 250.04 API/GL4 EP QUALITIES & ADVANTAGES Excellent anti-wear properties. Excellent load carrying capabilities. Very good oxidation stability. Superior rust and corrosion protection. Very good demulsibility. Long service life. Contains no lead compounds, therefore 'safe'. Good performance under hot or wet conditions. Easy starting of equipment exposed lo low temperature .