Waylube 32T Slideway Oil 5L

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Waylube 32T Slideway Oil


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Dual purpose slide-way and hydraulic oil.

Waylube oils are recommended for all types of guideway, both linear and rotary. They are suitable for horizontal and vertical ways, and also for roller type systems. In addition they can be used for table elevating slide ways of milling machines, lead screw-and-nut systems.

These oils are based on solvent refined oils containing additives that give closely controlled friction characteristics in both heavy and lightly loaded sliding conditions, thereby improving precision and eliminating the phenomenon known as 'stick-slip', which causes vibration and noise in many machine tools especially at low speeds.

Available in  32,  46,  68,  100,  150,  220,  320,  460

Also available in T format = (TACKY) in 32T,  68T,  220T,  320T,  460T 


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