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Hydraulic Oil ISO 68 10L

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HYDRAULIC OIL APPLICATIONS This is superior hydraulic oil manufactured from paraffinic mineral base oil of high viscosity index. The base oil is solvent refined and is of low aromatic content. The state of art additive package incorporated gives highly effective anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant protection. Offering exceptional characteristics of thermal stability. In the presence of water, demulsibilily is excellent, therefore the risk of hydrolysis is minimised. With very small tolerances and high pressure and temperatures which are now commonplace in modern hydraulic systems. Lubron Hydraulic Oils provide excellent load carrying and anti-wear characteristics. Recommended twenty four hour production environment of injection and blow moulders to the high shock load mobile excavations and plant' hire equipment. Available in single viscosity grades; 5-The lightest lubrication oil 10- Ideal for close tolerance lubrication 22- Ideal for airline lubrication 32- High pressure machine tool systems 46- Automotive, industrial plant, torque converters 68- High temp, hydraulic applications 100 - Heavy grade lubricant used in machinery with high running clearances and heavy loading. CLASSIFICATIONS VICKERS M-2950 (mobile) VICKERS 1-286-S (industrial) DENSION HF-2 DAVID BROWN S1-53-101 ASLE 70-1 70-2 70-3 CETOP DIN 51524-part 2 AFNOR 48603 LEE NORSE SWEDISH HYDRAULIC STANDARD US STEEL 126/127 QUALITIES & ADVANTAGES Anti-wear Anti-corrosion Thermal stability resists oxidation and degradation at high operating temperatures. Allow water contamination to separate out quickly Anti-foaming Compatible with all types of seals normally used in hydraulic systems. Can be mixed with other high quality mineral Available in- · 1L · 5L · 10L · 20L · 205L