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Biocut FG Soluble Oil 5L

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This is a fully bio-stable semi synthetic soluble cutting fluid which has been developed to be suitable for a wide range of waters. This flexibility in different waters makes it an ideal product to use where higher than normal fluid velocities are used. In these conditions biocut fg will have a low foaming tendency by virtue of its component chemistry. The semi-synthetic formulation of biocut fg gives stable emulsions over long periods even in different envionments created by bacterial attack or tramp oil contamination. The inclusion of more than 40% mineral oil gives an optimum balance of stability, machining performance, foam and machine tool corrosion protection together with very fluid residue. Biocut fg is an ideal general purpose semi-synthetic fluid suitable for multiple operations on various machine tools lending itself to grade rationalisation from grinding to c.n.c machining centres.All non ferrous materials including stainless steel and most non ferrous materials. It forms a semi-translucent emulsion when mixing with water. Recommended concentration: general machining 3% - 6% - Grinding Including centreless 2% - 5% All products come singular 1L,  5L,  20L,  205L and IBC'sAlso come in packs of 4X5L's, pallets of 20's, and pallets of 205L's