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Alexsol 40MB Soluble Oil 20L

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The standard range of water-soluble cutting fluid offer the Production Engineer a wide variety without overcomplicating the choice. The Lubron range covers most applications foundin today’s high technology computer controlled machine tools to conventional requirements found in small jobbing machine shops, containing older methods of production. The six products available range from conventional technology to the latest bio-stable, eco friendly long life coolants. Balanced formulations are important with soluble cutting fluids so as to achieve optimum performance. The Lubron range spans from oil based none additive soluble to highly treated semi-synthetic formulations, containing a variety of lubricity and E.P. additives. All products come singular 1L,  5L,  20L,  205L and IBC's Also come in packs of 4X5L's, pallets of 20's, and pallets of 205L's