Agricultural Oil

Lubron is proud to produce all the top quality Oils for the Agricultural World.

Products include:

  • Tractor Oil
  • Tractor Transmission Oil
  • Chain Saw Oil
  • Milking Machine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil Agriculture
  • Greases

Agricultural Oil There are no products in this category.


  • Tractor Oil


    APPLICATIONS: for turbo charged arid naturally aspirated diesel tractor engines, hydraulic systems and transmissions where a Super Universal Tractor oil is recommended. Suitable for oil immersed wet braking systems as integral in many Transmission specifications. 
    CLASSIFICATIONS: MIL-L-2104D, FORD ESEN-M2C-0liA, APICE/SF, MASSEY FERGUSON MF -1135,11:59ACEA D4                 
    • Wet brake noise reduction
    • Independent power take off (pto) performance.
    • High torque and extreme pressure protection.
    • Excellent hydraulic anti-wear performance.
    Tractor Oil Universal is a 10W/30, which meets API CE/SF performance levels. 
    Benefits of this additive technology ensure longevity of oil Immersed clutches, wet brakes and general driveline applications whore a GL4 Specification lubricant is required. 
    Additionally tractors having hydraulic systems fed from the transmissions need a lubricant with suitable physical and chemical properties such as anti-foam metal corrosion protection and anti-wear 

    Available in singular pack or in packs of
    • 4x5L's
    • pallets of 20L's
    • pallets of 205L's
    • IBC's
  • Tractor Transmission Oil

    U.T.T.O Universal Tractor Transmission Oil

    Universal Tractor Transmission Oil is for Hydraulic systems and transmissions where a 10W/30 is recommended. Suitable for oil immersed wet braking systems as integral in many tractor transmissions. Transmission specifications:

    FORD M2C-86B/C  M2C134-A.B.C.D

    MASSEY FERGUSON MF-1135, 1141




    Products can be purchased singularly or in packs of -

    • 4x5L's
    • pallets of 20L's
    • pallets of 205L's
  • Chain Saw Oil

    Lubron's advanced quality chainsaw oil are based on solvent-refined mineral oils, all products are resistant to splash-creep, throw off and drop. We use special additives that enhances the load carrying anti-rust and adhesive properties.

    Suits all types of chainsaws, where minimum oil wastage is desired.

    Products can be bought as indvidually or in pack sizes of -

    • 12X1L
    • 4x5L
    • pallets of 20L's
    • pallets of 205L's
  • Milking Machine Oil

    Milking Machine Oil - Please call 01536 201555 for pricing.

    Available on demand in a range of 1L's, 5L's, 20L's and 205L's

  • Hydraulic Oil Agriculture

    Products can be bought singular or in boxes of 4x5L, pallets of 20L's and pallets of 205L's

    Good quality hydraulic oils manufactured from highly refined base oils incorporating modern additive technologies.
    Viscosity Grades include:
    ISO 5, ISO 10, ISO 15, ISO 22, ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100, ISO 150
    More Hydraulic Oils can be found in the INDUSTRIAL OIL'S section in the main menu.
    Hydraulic Oils Available to HM and HV standards
    Fire Resistant and Food safe products also available.
    All Products have the following attributes
    • Good antiwear, anticorrosion, antirust and antifoaming properties.
    • Low pour point.
    • Low air retention
    • Good filtration even in the presence of water.