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  • Lawn Mower Oil

    Time to change the lawn mower oil again. Most manufacturers recommend to change oil every 25 to 50 hours of use. Our quick guide to changing your lawnmower oil:

    1. For safety empty fuel (run mower until empty)
    2. For safety remove the spark plug cap
    3. Remove the oil cap
    4. Title the lawnmower onto side and empty oil into container
    5. Fill up with new oil to the maximum oil mark
    Now you are ready for another season.

    Products can be bought indvidually or in packs of -

    • 12X1L
    • 4x5L
    • pallets of 20L's
    • pallets of 205L's
  • Chain Saw Oil

    Lubron's advanced quality chainsaw oil are based on solvent-refined mineral oils, all products are resistant to splash-creep, throw off and drop. We use special additives that enhances the load carrying anti-rust and adhesive properties.

    Lubron's Bio-Chain is a biodegradable chainsaw oil formulated for the forest industry. It provides supreme performance on all chainsaws in every weather condition.

    Suits all types of chainsaws, where minimum oil wastage is desired.

    Products can be bought as indvidually or in pack sizes of -

    • 12X1L
    • 4x5L
    • pallets of 20L's
    • pallets of 205L's
  • 2 Stroke Oil and Pro...

    A high performance 2-Stroke oil exceeding API-TC -JASO specifications.


    • Corrosive protection
    • Reduced exhaust deposits
    • Eliminates plug fouling
    • Readily mixes with fuel

    Alex Oil's Two Stroke Engine Oil comes in a range of sizes and pack sizes-

    • single 100ml,  1ltr,  5ltr,  20ltr or  205L
    • boxes of 12x100ml,  24x100ml,  12x1ltr or  4x5L
    • pallets of 20L's and pallets of 205L's 


    Pro 2-Stroke Engine Oil is a high performance semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil using a performance enhancing synthetic lubricant in the formulation to give the following advantages:

    • Reduced exhaust smoke emission
    • Reduced exhaust system deposits
    • Prevent ring sticking
    • Prevent plug fouling
    • Added corrosion protection

    Meets and exceeds the following international specifications:


    Alex Oil's Pro 2-Stroke Engine Oil comes in a range of sizes and pack sizes-

    • single 100ml,  1L,  5L,  20L and  205L
    • boxes of  12x100ml,  24x100ml,  12x1L and  4x5L
    • pallets of 20L's and pallets of 205L's 
  • Greases

    Lubron produce a wide range of grease.

    LITHIUM GREASE - this range of greases give excellent lubrication to plain and anti­-friction bearings. They have excellent mechanical and thermal stability and contain added anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation additives.

    LITHIUM E.P. having the same properties as the straight Lithium Grease but with added  E.P. properties this range is suitable for severe and shock loading. The E.P. range show very good Timken Loads and are approved by many bearing companies. This is a good all round universal grease.

    LITHIUM COMPLEX greases give the same anti wear performance as Lithium E.P. but will operate at lower and higher temperatures. Their naturally tacky consistency makes their performance in water better, overall this grease is a top performer (LOOK IN GREASES SECTION)

    Other grades and greases are available in the greases section. Specialist greases can be produced on demand.

    Most products can be purchased singulaly or in packs of -

    • 12x400g cartridges
    • 6x3kilo tins
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items