Cutting and Soluble Oils

Our company produces a range of high quality Soluble Oils and Cutting Oils.

Lubron has its own high quality oils, but also sells Mobil equivalent branded Soluble and Cutting Oils.

Soluble Oils

Machine Cleaner- This advanced cleaner is a combined machine tool coolant, sump cleaner and bacteriacode. It contains a bacteriacideproven highly effective in controlling growth of bacteria commonly found in contaminated water - mix fluids. These bacteria's are generally held responsible for unpleasant "Monday Morning Odour". Machine tool cleaner also contains a very effective detergent action and will flush out any accumulated material in the system. Dilution: use at 1%

Alexsol 40MB - This product is a odourless non phenolic soluble oil producing, producing a rich milky white emulsion when mixed with water. Suitable for all general maching applications. Use at a dilution ratio between 3 and 10%. Always add the soluble oil to water when mixing.

Biocut FG - This is a fully bio-stable semi synthetic soluble cutting fluid which has been developed to be suitable for a wide range of waters. This flexibility in different waters makes it an ideal product to use where higher than normal fluid velocities are used. In these conditions biocut fg will have a low foaming tendency by virtue of its component chemistry. The semi-synthetic formulation of biocut fg gives stable emulsions over long periods even in different envionments created by bacterial attack or tramp oil contamination. The inclusion of more than 40% mineral oil gives an optimum balance of stability, machining performance, foam and machine tool corrosion protection together with very fluid residue. Biocut fg is an ideal general purpose semi-synthetic fluid suitable for multiple operations on various machine tools lending itself to grade rationalisation from grinding to c.n.c machining centres.All non ferrous materials including stainless steel and most non ferrous materials. It forms a semi-translucent emulsion when mixing with water. Recommended concentration: general machining 3% - 6% - Grinding Including centreless 2% - 5%

Anti-Foam No 4 - Anti-foam is a silicone based anti-foam agent designed for the use in water soluble coolant systems. The addition of anti-foam will not inhibit the soluble oil being used.


Cutting Oils

Lubron Oils range of neat cutting and forming oils have been developed and formulated from practical experience in the metalworking industry, using traditional and futuristic additive technologies. This range of products covers the majority of metal cutting and forming operations found in the engineering workshop today. As with all metal working applications, individual operations can need special formulations to produce components efficiently by designing the formulations to be compatible with the Lubron Advanced Technology range of futuristic metalworking

additives, individual formulations can lie, if needed, modified on site to give optimum performance and productivity.


Pipe Threading Oil - A blend of high grade mineral oils suitable for all pipe threading applications. Excellent thread finish and prolonged die life.Water washable-chloride freeComplies with Health and Safety legislation.


TNT Base Neat Cutting Oil Booster - An additive package loaded with Sulphur and other lubricity additives used to booster neat cutting oils.


EDM Fluid (Spark Erosion) - Is a carefully selected fluid suitable for most types of machines, particularly odourless in operation.


Deep Drawing Oil - Is used for medium and severe draws in producing light and heavy gauge sheet metal parts, particularly when intricate die designs and severe draws might cause splitting and galling. 


All products come singular 1L,  5L,  20L,  205L and IBC's

Also come in packs of 4X5L's, pallets of 20's, and pallets of 205L's  

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