Lubron produce a wide range of grease.

LITHIUM GREASE - this range of greases give excellent lubrication to plain and anti­-friction bearings. They have excellent mechanical and thermal stability and contain added anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation additives.

LITHIUM E.P. having the same properties as the straight Lithium Grease but with added  E.P. properties this range is suitable for severe and shock loading. The E.P. range show very good Timken Loads and are approved by many bearing companies. This is a good all round universal grease.

LITHIUM COMPLEX greases give the same anti wear performance as Lithium E.P. but will operate at lower and higher temperatures. Their naturally tacky consistency makes their performance in water better, overall this grease is a top performer (LOOK IN GREASES SECTION)

Other grades and greases are available in the greases section. Specialist greases can be produced on demand.

Most products can be purchased singulaly or in packs of -

  • 12x400g cartridges
  • 6x3kilo tins

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