Specialist Oils

Lubron produce a range of Specialist Oils. These include:

RUSTFREE the range of Dewatering and Corrosion protection covered by the Rust free fluids cover most applications from inter-operational of machined components to long shelf storage, and overseas shipping.

The additives used give outstanding water displacement properties, leaving an ultra thin highly protective oily film. These ultra thin films are effective in the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from atmospheric corrosion even under conditions of high humidity.

Unlike some products available Rust free does not emulsify with water, and the film it leaves also acts as a lubricant.


These two are a surface friction modifier. This technology modifies metal surfaces converting them to a low friction Organometallic Film. The chemical film attaches itself to the metal surface to form a constantly regenerating barrier keeping surfaces apart and lowering the friction of fluids passing over the surface.

GOLD - Can be used in Petrol and Diesel internal combustion engines, giving the engine more power and mpg, lower fuel and electric bills, and a better engine or machine protection affording longer life.

POWER - Can be used in conventional oils, such as engine sumps, light machinery gearboxes, heavy plant and bearings. Giving the engine more power and mpg, lower fuel costs and better engine protection affording longer life.

Products can be purchased singularly or in packs of -

  • 12x1L
  • 4x5L 
  • pallets of 20L's
  • pallets of 205L's

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